Thank You Stranger

Thank You Stranger is an online showcase of Random Acts of Kindness by complete strangers.

About the Project

This project started as my final thesis when finishing my bachelors degree. I created the initial version which was tied to a database though it did not have a map. A few years later I revisited the project with greater knowledge and experience and better equipped to tackle the project again.  To date the site has only been posted to about 40 times, although it receives visitors from all over the world. I plan to create a mobile app and also improve the overall experience of posting from a mobile devices.

Thank You Stranger visitor map

Technologies Used

This Google Maps Mashup uses a combination of PHP and MySQL to power the HTML5, CSS and Javascript front-end. Originally I had the site email the person posting so that they could approve their own posts as a way to fight spam, but I noticed that some users would never approve the post. I later changed it so that I receive an email about the posts so that I can approve them.

Visit www.thankyoustranger.com